Naltrexone Reviews

Naltrexone Reviews

Hello! I read a topic about a new drug here, on the forum (I do not remember its name; some antagonist of opioid receptors). However, I want to say that such a drug has long been available in our pharmacies; it’s called Naltrexone. I bought it about six months ago without any prescription, took one tablet and went to a party with friends in a summer cafe. I drank a low-alcohol cocktail, as always. The result was very interesting: the taste of the drink seemed disgusting; I felt nothing like this before. Then the alcoholic intoxication divided into parts: the consciousness was clouded and coordination disrupted as usual, but there was no pleasure, no gaiety, no conversations and jokes; in a word, there was no satisfaction. The symptoms of alcoholic intoxication were pretty unpleasant; I felt sorry, why had I done it! In 40 minutes I was gloomier than the clouds; it became unbearable, and I left. Since the dose was small, the consciousness cleared up in a couple of hours. Well, in the morning I thanked the Lord for a medicine that destroys the very meaning of drinking alcohol.

On the other hand, I recommended this drug to my girl-friend who had a drinking husband; she started to give him Naltrexone during his drinking-bouts when he opened his eyes to take a sip and to fall again. The medicine did not work on him because he did not need any satisfaction from alcohol; he only wanted to pass out.

When I was having injections of vivitrol, I did not feel much of craving for alcohol, and I did not drink. I mean, I have no experience of drinking alcohol on the background of vivitrol.

I tried to drink while taking naltrexone in tablets – no pleasure, no euphoria, no joy.

I do not know what is the difference between vivitrol in injections and naltrexone in tablets, but naltrexone did not relieve cravings.

Both my father and mother drink. I have already paid for seven injections of Naltrexone for each of them. At the same time, they visit a psychologist and they joined some support group at a narcological dispensary. It’s almost a year that we’ve been using the blockade of alcohol dependence; it still works.

I have already had the Naltrexone tablets for a year. I failed twice, and I had to start all over again. I can say one thing: the drug itself is not bad but it will not work alone. I had failures because I did not want to stop drinking. Now some changes in my life have happened; I need to be sober. So I am taking Naltrexone.

My wife drinks; we treated her with Naltrexone in tablets. She complained all the time that she had felt ill, sick and constantly asleep. When she woke up, she yelled at everyone, freaked out; she really didn’t not eat anything; she lost weight terribly. Finally, she refused to take the tablets. Now she's drinking again. I do not know what to do.

A sincere response about anti-alcohol pills

Hi, my name is Maxim; I am going to tell about my "experiments" with naltrexone. Many years ago I realized that I had had problems with alcohol, and I tried many different ways to stop drinking. I tried everything. Now I want to tell how I was involved in self-deception with naltrexone.

The first time, my mother bought me some pills; she said, they might help me since I had decided to stop drinking. My Lord, how naive I was! I really believed that this would help me; I only should have taken a pill; maybe, to have a course of them, and everything would pass! I thought, I would be able to drink again when I wanted and as much as I wanted!! I imagined that the anti-alcohol pills would help me on the physiological level, and then I would have psychological "brakes", but alas!

I had finished the first course of tablets (a month one), and some time I was afraid to drink. Anti-alcohol tablets operate on the principle of fear; that is, if you are taking tablets and at the same time you drink, alcohol reacts with the tablets in your body, and you are in great pain (some drugs can even arouse a feeling like "I’m going to die"), and I, like a clever boy with higher chemical education, understood that the substance of the tablets will not immediately eliminate from the body, and I feared that the rejection reaction would occur on the remains of the substance in the blood... however, some time had passed, and I decided to try ... Everything went fine, the body had come back to the norm over these two or three months; and I believed that the anti-alcohol pills had worked and I had been cured!

Again, without noticing it myself, I went into the systematic drinking; at first I drank on Fridays, then when I felt bad, then when I wanted, then I just started drinking again. All this fiddling about with anti-alcohol tablets took me about a year and a half, out of which I lived a normal life only when I was taking pills.

Realizing that the pills are not a panacea, I began to look for some other ways to stop drinking. The search of the ways to be cured began again; usually they were useless: laser, electro-psycho-coding, even NLP. Vain attempts; nothing could stop my desire to drink. I suffered all the time with clenched teeth and waited for the moment when the term of the encoding would end, and I would be able to catch up in drinking.

Anti-alcohol pills still helped me!

The second time I had returned to anti-alcohol tablets about 12 or 18 months before I got to a rehabilitation center. The most interesting thing is that I had already had the unsuccessful experience in taking pills, and yet I agreed to treating my illness again; the scheme was as follows: I decided not to drink alcohol and take pills from Monday through Thursday; I would not take pills on Friday and I would be able to drink alcohol on Saturday; then on Sunday I would have no alcohol, get back to a norm, and next Monday I would drink pills again.

Well, the result of this way of life was as follows: a pre-cirrhosis state of the liver, chronic hepatitis, constant neuroses, the necessity of constant thinking about when and what you can drink (on Sundays, you have to have a rest lest the tablets kill you); after all, I started ignoring my condition, and since the use of anti-alcohol tablets was controlled by my mother, I was no longer able to resist my uncontrollable desire to drink and began drinking secretly during week days as well; a little bit, so that not to get drunk. One day “a little bit” did not work, and I could not stop!

I just spat upon my condition, on my fear of death, and drank and drank and drank ... I really didn’t care about the consequences that could occur to me after a long, systematic naltrexone intake; my illness was so much stronger than me that I felt it was better to die from the mixture of substances than to continue torturing myself with that incomprehensible abstinence. I did not care that my mother, my wife, were waiting for me at home; that I had some work to finish ... I just wanted to drink.

And here the most incredible and unpleasant surprise waited for me: the anti-alcohol tablets did not work! Maybe, my body demanded vodka so much, or the tablets became part of my body, but I did not even sweat. Again I began to wake up with a single thought: where to find money on drink.

This continued for some time, until my mother sent me to a rehabilitation center. Damn, now I see the only benefit of anti-alcohol tablets in that these ten tablets helped me hold out for a few days while my mother was looking for a way to send me to the center. At the moment I haven’t used any tablets for 18.5 months, and no pills are needed! The main thing that I understood about the anti-alcohol tablets is that, if you want to live, do not deceive yourself, there is no panacea! And the pills are only one more self-deception!!!

Naltrexone Reviews